Fish Delivery FAQ

If you’re new to the world of ordering fish and seafood, then you likely have questions. Maybe you’ve just opened a new restaurant or are setting up a retail business and are looking to learn the ins and outs of buying fish and seafood from a reputable supplier. Then you’ve come to the right place, as the following FAQ is aimed to shed some light on the matter.

We’ll cover subjects like where we deliver our fish, what fish we deliver, what is a fish market, and more. Hopefully, these insights should give you the answers you need, leaving you with nothing left to do except call to place your first order.

Where Do We Deliver Fish To?

The first question many people ask is, “Where do we deliver fish to?”. After all, you want to be sure that we cover your area before you get in touch. Woods Fish Ltd operates markets in Oxford, Bournemouth, and Southampton, and we can deliver in these areas. However, we mainly deliver to customers in the London area.

If you’re ever unsure, it’s always worth giving us a call. Give us your location and ask if we deliver fish and seafood to your area. We’ll advise if we do, so you can place your order with complete peace of mind that the order won’t be declined. Fish deliveries take place from 3 am until late morning every week, from Tuesday to Saturday.

So, your order will arrive with plenty of time to replenish your stocks or get the prep started for lunch and dinner.

What Fish Do We Deliver?

Here at Woods Fish Ltd, we deliver a wide range of fish and seafood options. Whether you’re running a restaurant, deli counter, retail outlet, etc., we’ll have an excellent range of options to choose from, all for very affordable prices.

First up, we have wet fish. Wet fish are fish that are freshly caught and have not been frozen, seasoned, or prepared in any way. We stock a wide range of wet fish options for delivery, including:

  • Bass
  • Cod
  • Pollock
  • Plaice
  • Dover Sole

Please note that availability will depend on the weather and season.

The next option we deliver is farmed fish. Not all wet fish is farmed fish, but almost all farmed fish are wet fish. The difference is that farmed fish are raised in captivity with full compliance with comprehensive welfare, environmental, and safety regulations. Because the fish are farmed, availability is assured all year round, with options that include salmon, seabass, and trout.

We stock deli products that are perfect for any counter setup. These are sourced from the sea using sustainable practices and include Brixham crab meat pots, rock oysters, Poole Bay clams, king scallops, and Cornish mussels.

If you wish to keep a large amount of stock on hand, frozen products are recommended. These products have been frozen within hours of being caught, so you’re assured of freshness. These products are perfect for restaurant use, delis, or even retail outlets and include prawns, softshell crab, langoustines, whitebait, and yellowtail fillets.

Lastly, we deliver live products for restaurants and fishmongers with live tanks. From cock crabs to hen crabs and native lobsters, all are freshly caught and delivered alive.

What is a Fish Market?

Fish markets have been around for centuries and serve as a hub for people to buy and sell fish and fish products. These markets can often be dedicated to wholesale trade between fishermen and other fish merchants, to the sale of fish and seafood to consumers, or to both. Retail fish markets are often referred to as wet markets. These often sell street food as well.

Your average fish market comes in different sizes, from small fish stalls to large ones that cater to commercial customers. Because seafood can spoil very quickly, fish markets were usually located in seaside towns near harbours or fishing hotspots. With the advent of refrigeration and rapid transport, fish markets can theoretically pop up anywhere now.

With the rise in supermarkets, however, there’s been a rapid shift towards retail outlets. As such, most major fish markets now mainly deal with wholesale trade.

Our Fish Market Locations

At Woods Fish Ltd, we provide access to three seafood markets in London, making our fish readily accessible for those that wish to buy their fish and seafood in person. For the last three decades, Chris and Allan have worked tirelessly to supply fish markets everywhere with quality fish. Throughout the week, they bring their catches to markets across the South.

Together, they’ve made it incredibly convenient to buy freshly caught, sustainably sourced fish. To do so, you need only head down to one of three markets. The first market can be found in Oxford at The Oxford Nursery in Summertown, Marston Ferry Road. This market is available every Friday from 7:00 pm to 8:15 pm.

The second market can be found on Wallisdown Road in Bournemouth every Wednesday from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and Saturday from 9:00 am to noon.

And the third market is in Swaythling Neighbourhood Centre in Hampton Park Way, Southampton. This market runs every Thursday from 4:45 pm to 6 pm.

Fish Delivery FAQ

How Are We Sustainable?

Here at Woods Fish Ltd, we’re committed to maintaining sustainable fishing practices that ensure the preservation of our ocean’s fish stocks for future generations. To achieve these goals, we buy from local boats daily as well as larger beamer boats in Devon. We ensure that boats adhere to strict fishing guidelines whenever prime fish is needed.

This ensures that our fishing practices are truly sustainable, providing reassurance for our many customers.

But our efforts don’t end there; we also endeavour to purchase fish from fishermen who land their catches using rod & line and netted fishing practices. Unlike large factory boats, these methods are less destructive, taking only what’s needed while not depleting ocean stocks. Factory boats, by contrast, commonly result in large shoals of fish being decimated and can be quite destructive to marine habitats, too.

Rod & line and netted practices ensure that quotas are met, and that fish stocks continue to thrive for decades to come.

How Do We Keep Our Fish Fresh?

Our fish is supplied fresh because we don’t store it in warehouses for days at a time. Our day starts nice and early. We procure fish from day boats and fish auctions, and this fish is then delivered or made available at our markets within hours of it being caught.

When you buy fish from us, you can derive peace of mind knowing that the fish was landed less than 24 hours prior. And we maintain an uninterrupted cold chain, ensuring that the fish is correctly stored while in transit or being displayed. Any frozen products are frozen within hours of being caught, locking in the freshness for your customers to enjoy.

Check Out Our Fish Delivery Services

If you would like to make enquiries about our fish delivery services, we encourage you to get in touch with the Woods Fish Ltd team at your earliest convenience. Let us know what sort of business you’re running, what fish or seafood you’re looking to sell, and how much you want to order. We’ll run the numbers, assess our stock availability, and let you know if we can handle your order.

Please note that weather and seasonable availability may impact this. Most likely, we can, and once we have your order, we’ll have it dispatched quickly. Fish deliveries usually take place between 3:00 am and late morning from Tuesday to Saturday. To get started, phone us on 01202 876 999.


FISH DELIVERIES: 3:00am until late morning, Tue-Sat

OFFICE HOURS: 5:00am – 12:00 midnight, Mon-Fri