Our Story


Family run business with a passion for fresh fish and seafood

Every business has a story to tell, and the story of Woods Fish started some three decades ago. Father and son, Chris and Alan, were sat in a small boat fishing out of Poole Harbour when they both came upon an idea. Their idea was simple – to start their own fish wholesale business. To make this idea a reality, Chris and Alan set out to make a plan that would help launch their new business venture.

Each and every day, Chris and Alan would start out at 3:00 am and proceed to buy directly from other day boats, as well as the fish auctions taking place at Brixham and Plymouth. They would then proceed to sell this fish directly to the local wholesale fish companies as well as some London-based companies. This arrangement would become the norm for the business moving forward.


In 2015, Alan took the decision to start selling directly to London restaurants and fishmongers. As a result, the business grew very quickly. This came as no surprise, what with their unique ability to source the very best fish in the early hours and deliver it to their customers that very same morning. This ensured that consumers would be able to purchase the freshest, tastiest fish around.

As new opportunities have presented themselves, the expansion of the business has continued. A recent addition to their portfolio was that of the Asian fish market, primarily operating around the South of England. This addition would increase the selection of fish available to consumers, providing more choice and variety.



Woods Fish are committed to sustainable fishing practices, buying from local day boats as well as larger beamer boats in Devon. When prime fish is needed, boats that have to adhere to strict fishing guidelines make for truly sustainable fishing practices. This is not only reassuring for the consumer, but it’s also good for our oceans.

Additionally, Woods Fish purchase from fishermen who engage in rod and line and netted fishing practices. Both are preferable to a large factory boat hoovering up huge areas of the sea. While the latter leads to large shoals of fish being wiped out, the former techniques take only what’s needed to fulfil a set quota. Alan Woodward’s team believe in looking after the future of the fish and the sea.


Woods Fish predominantly fish in Brixham Harbour which is situated in the quiet fishing town of Brixham. Located in the county of Devon, the harbour is home to a sizeable fleet of fishing trawlers as well as Sir Francis Drake’s ship ‘Golden Hind’. It was also in Brixham that the fishing trawler was improved in the 19th-century, making it far more resilient and paving the way for the fishing trawlers in use today.

In addition, Woods Fish also fish in Plymouth and Poole Harbour too to meet availability and ensure sustainable fishing practices. By fishing in various areas, Alan and Chris can make certain that consumers have access to the best selection around.

Supply Chain

All local fish can be traced back to whichever local south coast boat the fish was bought from. This includes the boat names, area the fish was caught, fishing methods, and most importantly the skipper.

At Woods Fish, we care about protecting our oceans, ensuring a steady supply of quality fish for future generations. So get in touch today to find out more about our story and our service.

FISH DELIVERIES: 3:00am until late morning, Tue-Sat

OFFICE HOURS: 5:00am – 12:00 midnight, Mon-Fri