Seafood Range


Full range of fish and shellfish

If you’re looking to supply delicious, freshly caught fish that’s also sustainably sourced, Woods Fish can help. Our diverse Seafood Range offers many tasty choices, and there’s always something new to try. We take pride in procuring only the most quality fish all throughout the year. Please note, however, that availability of the seafood London will vary depending on the weather and season.

And with more than 30 years’ experience as fish mongers in London, we ensure that every fish can be traced back to its source. So, you can supply your customers with the best fish, responsibly and at a price that’s most affordable.

Seafood London

Wet Fish

At Woods Fish, we source the finest quality wet fish London, freshly caught and sustainably sourced. Choose between options like bass, cod, pollock, plaice, and more. Availability is dependent on the weather and season so check back often to see what we have.

WETFISH – Availability does change – depending on weather and season.

Bass 3-4kg

Bass 2-3kg

Bass 1-2kg

Bass 500-1k

Brill 2kg+

Brill 1-2kg

Brill 500-1kg

Cod large 6-10kg (all sizes)

Coley 2kg+


Dover sole 800g+

Dover sole 18-24oz

Dover sole 16-18oz

Dover sole 14-16oz

Dover sole 12-14oz

Dover slips

Gurnard (All sizes)

Grey mullet 1-2kg 3-5kg

Halibut - all sizes

Hake - all sizes

Haddock fillets 8-10oz

Haddock fillets 6-8oz

Mackerel large / medium / small

Monkfish 4kg+

Monkfish 2-4kg

Monkfish 1-2kg

Monkfish 300-500g

1.3 monk cheeks

Plaice 1kg+

Plaice 600-1kg

Plaice 12-16oz

Pollock 2-4kg

Red mullet 2-300g

Skate wings 1-2kg

Skate wings 500-1kg

4kg skate cheeks


Turbot 4-6kg

Turbots 3-4kg

Turbots 2-3kg

Turbots 1-2kg

Turbots 500-1kg

Seafood London

Fresh Farmed Fish

All our farmed fish have been raised with full compliance with comprehensive welfare, environmental, and safety regulations. And, availability year-round is assured, so you’ll always find popular fish choices like sea trout, and seabass.

FARMED FISH – Availability

Seabass 6-800g

Seabass 4-600g

Seabream 6-800g

Seabream 4-600g

Stonebass 4kg+

Stonebass 2-4kg

Salmon 4-5kg

Salmon 5-7kg

Sea trout 2kg+

Chalk stream trout

Seafood London

Quality Deli Products

If you’re looking to stock your deli with quality products sourced from the sea like shellfish London, our excellent range of deli products won’t disappoint. Within our range, you’ll find fantastic selections, such as Brixham crab meat pots, rock oysters, Poole Bay clams, king scallops, and Cornish mussels.

DELI PRODUCTS- Availability

Brixham crab meat pots

White meat - handpicked

Brown meat - handpicked

Crab bones

King scallop meat

Scallop in shell large

Razor clams large

Poole bay clams

Poole bay cockles

Rock oysters

Cornish mussels

Tuna loin sashimi

Smoked eels

Smoked salmon

(Long sliced coln valley)

Smoked cod roe

Smoked haddock

Smoked mackerel

Salmon roe


Lump fish roe

Cuttlefish ink

Brown shrimp

Frozen Prawns

Frozen Seafood Products

If you’re looking to stock your fridge with quality products sourced from the sea, our excellent range of frozen products won’t disappoint. Within our London seafood range, you’ll find fantastic selections, such as cocktail prawns, red prawns, white bait, and Langoustines.

FROZEN PRODUCTS – Availability

Octopus 2-3kg

Tiger prawns whole 16/20

Tiger prawns peeled devained

Softshell crab


Large red prawns

Squid tubes

White bait

Cocktail prawns

Yellowtail fillets


Live Seafood Products

Of course, we supply live products, so if you’re a restaurant that serves such options on your menu or a supermarket, speak to Woods Fish now. Our selection of live products includes cock crabs, hen crabs, and native lobsters. All are freshly caught and sustainably sourced.

LIVE PRODUCTS – Availability

Cock crabs

Hen crabs

Native lobsters


FISH DELIVERIES: 3:00am until late morning, Tue-Sat

OFFICE HOURS: 5:00am – 12:00 midnight, Mon-Fri