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Are you looking to purchase the freshest organic seafood? For the best sustainable fish London supplier, look no further than Woods Fish Ltd. We proudly supply wholesale fish companies, fishmongers, restaurants, and other businesses based in London. From the freshest cod, plaice, and pollock to the tastiest clams, mussels, and lobster, there’s plenty to choose from in our portfolio.

Our range from fresh wet fish to frozen seafood and deli products ensures that you’ll always have top-tier ingredients or products to sell to your customers. And if you’d like to make further enquiries, all you need to do is call us on 01202 876999.

Sustainable Fish Deliveries in London

For sustainable fish deliveries in London of premium organic London Seafood and Fish Suppliers that’s competitively priced, Woods Fish Ltd is the company to call. We’re a father-son-led team committed to providing customers with the freshest, choicest organic fish and shellfish.

Our commitment to sourcing quality products early in the morning to have them on tables and in fridges within 24 hours has sealed our popularity. Businesses now know where to turn for the best organic Seafood Markets London.

Types of Fish we Supply in London

Here at London Fish Shop, we seek to cater to the requirements of as many customers as possible. To that end, we have a massive portfolio of organic options covering a wide range of categories, including:

  • Wet Fish
  • Farmed Fish
  • Deli Products
  • Frozen Products
  • Live Products

Wet Fish

Wet fish is fish that’s caught and displayed as-is. It’s usually displayed whole and is never frozen or dried. This is usually how fish is displayed on fish counters or in fishmongers. Our range of organic wet fish includes Dover sole, monkfish, brill, skate, red mullet, and more.

Farmed Fish

Farmed fish is a great way to boost sustainability as it means less reliance on wild fish stocks. We source organic farmed fish from farms that comply with the highest welfare, environmental, and safety standards. Options range from seabass to salmon and chalk stream trout.

Deli Products

If you’re looking to restock your deli counter, choose from a wide assortment of options that range from cockles to clams and everything in between.

Frozen Products

Fresh is not necessarily the way to go if you need to keep a steady supply of certain products on hand. We offer a range of frozen options to ensure that your freezer remains stocked, with options that include octopus, softshell crab, and langoustine.

Live Products

Crabs and lobsters must be cooked live to avoid meat contamination by harmful toxins. If you’re looking to restock your live tank, we supply a wide range of organic options, from hen and cock crabs to lobsters.

Where Our Fish is Sourced

All our organic seafood is sourced from harbours in Plymouth, Brixham, and Poole. We buy from day boats, large beamers, and fish auctions and sell directly to wholesale fish companies and other London-based businesses. We also sell products in Bournemouth such as Fresh Fish, Wholesale Fish and more!

London Seafood and Fish Supplier | Wholesale Fish Suppliers London

Our Sustainability Guarantee

We’re committed to protecting our oceans for future generations. We work with day boats and beamers that comply with strict sustainability guidelines. We also work with fishermen that utilise netted and rod and line fishing techniques that do not deplete fish stocks. Lastly, all our organic seafood is fully traceable.

Why Choose Woods Fish Ltd?

The idea for Woods Fish Ltd came to Chris and Alan as they sat in a boat in the middle of Poole Harbour. It started with them going out early to buy fish from day boats and fish auctions before selling their purchases directly to wholesale fish companies. Then, in 2015, they began selling to London businesses too.

Today, Woods Fish Ltd is highly regarded for its ability to source fish early in the morning and deliver it to customers that very same morning. As a result, you can expect to receive your order within 24 hours in most cases!

As a company, we’re committed to sustainability and traceability. Plus, our expansion into the Asian fish market has expanded our portfolio further. So we’re confident you won’t find a better range of organic seafood anywhere else.

Contact Us

So, if you’re looking to purchase sustainable fish, London customers should now know who to call after reading through the above article. We supply only the best quality organic fish caught using sustainable fishing methods and delivered fresh to customers within 24 hours.

We draw on more than 30 years of experience to ensure that customers receive the best service at the most affordable prices.

To better understand what we do or place an order, call us on 01202 876999. You can also make enquiries by either filling out our online contact form or emailing, and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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