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Are you in the market for freshly caught seafood? Are you searching for a sustainable fish wholesaler? London customers should call Woods Fish Ltd today for the best choice of freshly caught seafood that goes from boat to port to chef/shop in just 24 hours! From fresh Dover sole to tasty scallops and delicious lobster, we have options to suit all customers, from restaurants to fishmongers.

We’re a family-run business with over three decades of experience sourcing seafood. We’re wholesale specialists committed to providing customers with excellent customer service and exceptional products at fantastic rates. Our products are available for delivery, so place an order, and we’ll get it sent directly to you.

Alternatively, visit us at one of six markets that we routinely attend if you’d prefer to place a seafood purchase in person.

For more details or to place an order, call Woods Fish Ltd today on 01202 876999.

Sustainable Fish Wholesale in London

If you’re looking to purchase sustainable fish wholesale in London Fish Shop, we’re delighted to be the wholesaler of choice. Our seafood is all responsibly sourced and fully traceable, with the following information readily available:

  • Boat Names
  • Area the Fish was Caught
  • Fishing Methods
  • The Skipper

This information is coveted by customers who are becoming increasingly interested in where their food comes from. Such information also aligns with our commitment to protecting our oceans and ensuring supplies for decades to come. So, you can buy quality, sustainably sourced seafood at great prices.

Types of Fish we Supply in London

Here at Woods Fish Ltd, we recognise the need to stock and supply a wide assortment of seafood options. That’s why our range of sustainably sourced fish and shellfish continues to grow, with new and exciting options added to our portfolio on a regular basis.

Whether you run a wholesale fish company, restaurant, fishmonger, etc., you can purchase the freshest seafood for quick and reliable delivery. But, of course, availability will vary because of the weather and season. That’s why we also work with fish markets in other areas of the world, such as the Asian fish market, to ensure a steady supply of affordable, sustainably sourced options.

Types of fish that we supply include:

  • Wet Fish
  • Farmed Fish
  • Deli Products
  • Frozen Products
  • Live Products



Wet Fish

Wet fish is fish that’s caught and displayed as-is. In other words, it does not undergo any form of processing, such as freezing or drying. Wet fish is hugely popular with fishmongers and fish counters in shops. These businesses will usually assist customers by preparing the fish, ready to be cooked once they get home.

Our supply of wet fish changes based on the weather and season, though you’ll find many familiar options, including bass, cod, pollock, and plaice.

Farmed Fish

While much of our Seafood Markets London comes from the ocean, we remain committed to protecting fish stocks, avoiding their depletion. To that end, we supplement much of the fish we sell with farmed options.

These fish are grown in controlled environments that fall in line with comprehensive welfare, environmental, and safety regulations. We promote sustainable fishing practices and ensure greater availability by supplying farmed fish and wild-caught fish. Options available include salmon, sea trout, seabass, etc.

Deli Products

If you run a deli counter, we have everything you need to keep your counter fully stocked with tasty seafood. As one of the top suppliers of deli products to London-based companies, we carry a wide assortment of seafood options, from smoked eels and Poole Bay cockles to king scallops and Poole Bay clams.

Frozen Products

While much of our London Seafood and Fish Suppliers, we also supply frozen options. Such options are useful for shops and restaurants that need to keep a steady supply of certain goods. Naturally, the products that we supply are ones only recently frozen – we don’t keep products in freezers for months, ensuring that you still receive the freshest products.

Just some of the frozen options that we have to offer include:

  • Langoustine
  • Octopus
  • Softshell Crab
  • Squid Tubes
  • Tiger Prawns

And More

Live Products

Certain seafood options must be cooked live because of the presence of harmful bacteria that multiplies rapidly upon death, releasing harmful toxins. These toxins won’t be destroyed in the cooking process. For this reason, we supply live crabs and lobsters with their claws restrained to prevent injury to themselves or their other animals in the same tank.

Where Our Fish is Sourced

We source the majority of our seafood options from Brixham Harbour in Brixham, Devon. We also source a lot of our seafood from harbours in Plymouth and Poole, ensuring availability and sustainability. And as stated above, all our seafood products are fully traceable and sourced from sustainable sources.

Wholesale and Retail London Fish Shop

Our Sustainability Guarantee

All our seafood in London is supplied in line with our sustainability guarantee. We buy directly from large beamer boats in Devon and local day boats. All these boats adhere to strict sustainable fishing practices. We also work with fishermen that engage in alternative fishing techniques, such as net and rod and line fishing.

These techniques ensure that large shoals are protected and that we only take what’s needed. Alan Woodward’s team believes in protecting fish stocks and ensuring availability for future generations.

Why Choose Woods Fish Ltd?

Chris and Alan came up with the idea of Woods Fish Ltd while floating in a small boat in Poole Harbour many years ago. This started with buying directly from other day boats and fish auctions in Plymouth and Brixham. This seafood was then sold directly to wholesale fish companies.

In 2015, Alan made a choice to begin selling directly to restaurants and fishmongers in London, and the rest is history. Thanks to our unique ability to source the finest seafood in the early hours and deliver it to customers the same morning, we’ve gained huge popularity among business owners.

As of 2022, we’ve expanded our portfolio to include the Asian fish market. This has increased the available seafood options in London that customers can purchase from Woods Fish Ltd. Place your order now and receive it in a timely fashion.

Alternatively, visit us at one of the markets we attend to see what we offer up close. Our available options change regularly, so check back often.

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Suppose you’re eagerly searching for a sustainable fish wholesale supplier. In that case, London customers now know who to turn to – Woods Fish Ltd. Drawing on more than three decades of experience, we’ve assembled an excellent portfolio of options, so customers always have a great range to choose from.

This includes well-known classics and options you may not have tried before, so there’s always something new to offer to your customers. We supply mainly the London area, from wholesale fish companies to restaurants and fishmongers. We’re committed to supplying freshness.

Most of our fish and shellfish go from boat to port to chef/shop in just 24 hours! And all our products are sustainable and fully traceable.

So, if you’d like to place an order for delivery, call us on 01202 876999. You can also contact us by completing our online contact form or emailing Lastly, you can shop our products by visiting us at one of six market locations that we routinely attend.

Wholesale and Retail London Fish Shop

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